Students Report Effects of Their Drinking Levels

  As a result of any drinking during the academic year...
  94.2% NEVER miss or perform poorly in athletic events
  93.6% NEVER attempt intimate sexual contact not desired by another
  89.0% NEVER cause physical injury to others
  87.8% NEVER have intercourse unintentionally unprotected
  87.5% NEVER cause property damage
  87.2% NEVER cause damage to relationships
  86.9% NEVER drive in an impaired condition
  86.2% NEVER submit late papers or examinations
  85.0% NEVER engage in fighting
  76.8% NEVER experience inefficiency academic work


NEVER cause physical injury to themselves
  73.7% NEVER get a negative reaction from others
  71.8% NEVER engage in unintended sexual activity
  69.1% NEVER cut class

These data are based on a 2000 Spring survey of a respresentative cross-section
of HWS students with 327 respondents.
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