BIDS 295 -- Alcohol Use and Abuse: Causes and Consequences

Grading Policy



Class attendance is required for course credit. Three absences are permitted, but students must be present on examination days and the final class for project presentations. More than three absences will result in a failing grade. Please arrange your schedule to accommodate this requirement.




Course grades will be determined according to the following weighting:







Grading Scale



Examination #1



450-500pts (>=90%)


Examination #2



400-449pts (80 89%)


Examination #3



350-399pts (70 - 79%)


Project Proposal/Bibliography



300-349pts (60 - 69%)


Project Paper /Final Presentation



<300 (<60%)


Media file








Extra Credit:





Class participation

(up to 30 pts.)


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Disability Accommodations:

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