National Meeting on Alcohol, Other Drug, and Violence Prevention in Higher Education
Conceptual and Empirical Problems with "Binge" and Other High Risk Drinking Measures in Student Populations
H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D. and David W. Craig, Ph.D.
October 14-17, 2000


The label of "binge" drinking used in studies of college students and empirical measures such as 5 or more drinks at one occasion have been criticized as well as defended by researchers and prevention specialists in higher education. This town meeting will explore the debate based on research data and implications for effective prevention programs. Is the "binge" label helpful or harmful to the promotion of college prevention and credibility in student populations? How accurate are measures counting drinks per occasion in determining high risk? Does the consideration of amount of time drinking, gender and body weight appreciably change estimates of problem rates and the identification of problem drinkers? Town meeting leaders will outline these issues in the context of national debates and new research on the measurement of high risk drinking examining the calculation of BAC levels and correlation with negative consequences. Interactive debate among participants will follow.


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