Patricia M. Fabiano, PhD; H. Wesley Perkins, PhD; Alan Berkowitz, PhD; Jeff Linkenbach, EdD; Christopher Stark, MS, 2003, Engaging Men as Social Justice Allies in Ending Violence Against Women: Evidence for a Social Norms Approach, Journal of American College Health, VOl 52, No. 3, pp. 105-112. The field of sexual assault prevention is shifting attention to educational interventions that address the role of men in ending violence against women. Recent studies document the often-misperceived norms men hold about other men's endorsement of rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors. The authors provide further evidence supporting the design of population-based social norms interventions to prevent sexual assault. Data from this study suggest that men underestimate the importance that most men and women place on consent and willingness of most men to intervene against sexual violence. In addition, men's personal adherence to only consensual activity and their willingness to act as women's allies are strongly influenced by their perceptions of other men's and women's norms. These findings support

the proposition that accurate normative data, which counters the misperception of rape-supportive environments, can be a critical part of comprehensive campus efforts to catalyze and support men's development as women's social justice allies in preventing sexual violence against women.