MVP Kiosks in Athletic Facilities


Flat-screen computers have been mounted into custom wall-mounted cabinets in high-traffic areas of the athletic facilities. Each computer is connected to the campus network and offers students access to athlete and general campus databases through the Campus Factoids(TM) and MVP Factoids(TM) software applications. Web resources for athletes and the general student body may also be accessed through desktop icons on these workstations. When the software programs are not being accessed a screen saver displays random facts and photographs from the database.

MVP Kiosk

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Winn-Seeley Gymnasium Atrium

Bristol Gymnasium Hall of Fame

Sports Medicine

Field House Water Fountain

Field House Fitness Center

Field House Fitness Center

The project wishes to extend special thanks to the following Hobart and William Smith Colleges staff members for their role in the MVP Kiosk project initiative. Thanks to Richard Wells of Buildings and Grounds for coordinating the design, construction, and installation of the kiosk cabinets. Thanks to Brian Young and Beverly Ilacqua of the Division of Information and Technology for their help in identifying and acquiring appropriate computing equipment in support of this project. Thanks also to Michael Ruiz, Jeffry Devuyst, and Frank Bartels also of the Division of Information and Technology for their work in configuring the software and network communications for the kiosks. Finally, thanks to Gateway for their generous donation of technology supplementing this project.


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