HWS Just Facts Digital Signage

This page contains a screen shot and a several video clips of the campus-wide TV channel produced by the HWS Just Facts campaign in cooperation with the HWS Alcohol Education Project. The channel is played on multiple TV's throughout various locations on the HWS campus. It displays social norm facts about the HWS student community. In the image below the large panel displays animated poster images from the Just Facts campaign displaying normative information on a variety of topics about campus life and alcohol and other drug use norms. A scrolling stripe at the bottom displays RSS feeds from national news headlines and from campus news headlines. The panel on the right displays the local weather RSS feed alternating with a local news feed and a word quiz game. Click on the video samples to see clips of this campus television feed.

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JustFACTS Video Samples









Video Samples (HWS Student Body)



Video Samples (HWS Student Athletes)


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