Higher Education Institutions' Courses and Seminars

Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Alcohol Use and Abuse: Causes and Consequences, a bidisciplinary course taught by Wesley Perkins (Sociology) and David Craig (Chemistry) which brings together natural science and social science contributions to the interdisciplinary study of this phenomenon by incorporating a variety of academic perspectives including biology, chemistry, social psychology, epidemiology, and sociology and by making extensive use of multimedia resources. This model course was designed to illustrate how the formal curriculum can be linked to the development and implementation of a comprehensive campus-wide alcohol prevention program.(http://academic.hws.edu/alcohol/bd295/)

University of California, San Diego - A student-run organization, Celebrating Healthy Environments through the Empowerment of Responsible Students (C.H.E.E.R.S.), informs students of current facts and trends in AOD, gives helpful tips regarding avoiding injury and promotes alternative activities available both on and off campus. An excellent site with many links to resources, a quiz, and social norms messages. (http://studenthealth.ucsd.edu/atodeducation.shtml)

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