Alcohol Use and Abuse: Causes and Consequences (BIDS 295) Research Links

Click here for more info about Campus Factoids BIDS 295 Syllabus: Alcohol Use and Abuse; Causes and Consequences (Model Interdisciplinary Course):- This link contains information about this interdisciplinary course and a some class lectures. Research links to world wide web resources, information about the biology and chemistry of alcohol, and a detailed course description are contained here.

A Model Course for Alcohol Abuse Prevention in Higher Education, This slide presentation is an outline and a summary of the model course Alcohol Use and Abuse: Causes and Consequences. The purpose and objectives of the course are shown here. An abstract is also available.

The Metabolism of Alcohol and the Behavioral Manifestations of Alcohol Ingestion, This lecture given by Dr. Craig in the interdisciplinary course Alcohol Use and Abuse explores the metabolism of alcohol in humans and the behavioral effects of consumption. Slides can be found here.

The Effect of Alcohol on the Human Body: Alcohol on the Brain, This lecture given by Dr. Craig in the interdisciplinary course Alcohol Use and Abuse looks at the effect alcohol has on the human body and brain. Pharmacological effects and neurological changes are highlighted in this presentation.

Drinking, Sex, and Gender: Gender Differences in the Way Alcohol Effects the Human Body, This presentation, as part of the interdisciplinary course Alcohol Use and Abuse, examines the differences in health risks between males and females due to direct metabolic differences and indirect causes.

Neurobehavioral Aspects of Alcohol Consumption: Eighth Special Report to the US Congress on Alcohol and Health, This lecture looks at the causes of alcohol abuse from a behavioral and biological standpoint. Genetic predisposition, neurochemical mechanisms of reinforcement, and alcohol-seeking behavior are all explored in this slide show.

Genetic and Other Risk Factors for Drinking, This in-depth look at the family transmition of alcohol abuse explores genetic investigations, studies of twins, alcohol-seeking behavior, withdrawal, dependance, tolerance, and inherited vulnerability to alcohol abuse. Many slides of this lecture can be seen here.


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