Alcohol and Other Drug Project Presentations

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Using Electronic Multimedia in a Social Norms Prevention Program, This presentation (from Dr. Craig at the National Conference on the Social Norms Model July 28-30, 1999) outlines the use of multimedia in the dissemination of the social norms information on alcohol use and consequences.

The Science of Feeling Good and Feeling Bad with Alcohol, presented by David W. Craig, Professor of Chemistry. This presentation outlines the pharmacological effects of alcohol, the effects of gender differences, and various other issues related to the use and abuse of alcohol. 1998 slides are here, while a revised 1999 version of the talk can be found here.

Encouraging Faculty Leadership in Prevention, This presentation, given by Dr. Perkins and Dr. Craig on October 15-18, 1998, describes the model for developing and encouraging curriculum infusion in colleges and universities as part of a comprehensive alcohol and other drug prevention program. Links can be found in this presentation to examples of how each element of the model has been implemented at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Panel Presentation Transcript: Research and Prevention: Where Should They Be Headed?, presented at the National Meeting on Alcohol, Other Drug and Violence Prevention in Washington DC October 15-18 1998, Dr. Wesley Perkin's talk outlines the social norms model as well as research and prevention. A narrative of the talk can be viewed, as well as the slides only.

Campus-Wide Multimedia Campaigns to Reduce Student Misperceptions of AOD Norms, This workshop session provides a demonstration of online multimedia programs providing proactive information to students in a variety of formats including interconnected student video and data presentations, interactive scripted scenes, and an online multimedia survey instrument. Evaluation data now available on this two year project is presented by Dr. Perkins and Dr. Craig at the National Meeting on Alcohol, Other Drug, and Violence Prevention in Higher Education Campuses, Washington D.C. - October 15-18, 1998. An abstract is available, while a slide presentation can also be seen.

Science of alcohol and its effects on human behavior: Part I -- Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC); This talk pertains to absorption and metabolism of alcohol; Gender and Ethnic differences (March 8, 1998). Dr. Craig's slides can be found here.

Science of alcohol and its effects on human behavior: Part II -- Pharmacology of Alcohol and its effect on the brain; This presentation contains information about the pharmacological basis for tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal; recognition of these problem indicators among adolescents; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome -- physical and cognitive manifestations and implications for teenage pregnancy (March 8, 1998). Dr. Craig's slides can be found here.

Evaluation of Social Norms Program Effects of the First 18 Months, Project impact data is presented as rates of change in problem perceptions, motivation, and use. These data slides were first presented at the National Meeting in 1998, by Dr. Perkins and Dr. Craig.

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