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Click here for more info on Campus FactoidsThis is a starting point for HWS students to gather information about alcohol and other drug issues. Information can be collected for papers, poster projects, presentations, and for any other reason. The data is all here at your fingertips.

Hobart and William Smith Library Holdings- Here you can find books, journals, and video resources. A wealth of information is contained within our own library's walls. Here is a good place to start your research.

Alcohol InquirerThis page serves as the communication outlet for course-work relating to alcohol for the rest of the Hobart and William Smith community and beyond. Results from surveys, slide shows from faculty lectures, special interest stories and student video clips are reported here. Please be advised that the videos require the appropriate add-in for your browser and may take considerable time to download if you are off campus.

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    • 2000 Version 1: Web-based news reports from students and faculty on alcohol

World Wide Web Links- This is a great collection of resources. The internet can be jumbled and difficult to find what you need at times, so we've done it for you! The page contains research literature and searchable databases, links to other higher education institutions' alcohol and other drug resources, and other miscellaneous sites containing alcohol and other drug information.

Alcohol and Other Drug Project Presentations- The HWS AOD Project Co-Directors, Dr. H. Wesley Perkins and Dr. David W. Craig, have presented countless slideshows, workshops, and lectures on the subject of alcohol and other drug use and abuse. In these presentations, they reveal survey study data, information on the social norms approach, pharmacological effects of alcohol, as well as many other subjects.

Alcohol and Other Drug Project Poster Campaigns- The HWS AOD Project has initiated major poster campaigns on campus. You might have seen these displays posted around campus. They convey social norms messages about HWS students' attitudes and behavior involving alcohol and other drugs. These posters are a great source for quick facts for research projects or papers and can be found online.

Model Interdisciplinary Course: (BIDS 295) Alcohol Use and Abuse; Causes and Consequences- A valuable resource, this course examines the causes and consequences of alcohol use from the viewpoint that alcohol is a very potent drug both in terms of its chemical and social construction. This course brings together natural science and social science contributions to the interdisciplinary study of this phenomenon by incorporating a variety of academic perspectives including biology, chemistry, social psychology, epidemiology, and sociology and by making extensive use of multimedia resources. Links to class lectures and the course home page can be found here.

BAC Calculation/Estimation Guide and Resources- This link contains a guide and a brief overview of how to estimate or calculate the blood alcohol content (BAC) of an individual at a given time. Links to sites that have explanations of the origins of the BAC estimator formulas and even a site that contains a "quick calculator" is contained on this page.

World Wide Web Links

AOD Project Presentations
AOD Project Poster Campaigns
BIDS 295: Alcohol Use and Abuse

BAC Calculation


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