AOD Project Web-Based Normative Message Campaign

The following is a list of web pages from this site that contain normative messages.

Research Links for HWS Students
The starting point for Hobart and William Smith students' research, and contains the "2/3 = 1/4" normative message with Campus Factoid #143.

Warren Hunting Smith Library Resources
This is a listing of links to the HWS Library Resources. The 'one day or less' background graphic is used as well as Campus Factoid #137 which states that HWS students typically drink on one day or less per week.

Alcohol Use and Abuse Bidisciplinary Course Research Links
A listing of links to the lecture notes and presentations from this course, as well as a link to the syllabus, are contained on this page. A DWAI background image and Campus Factoid #33, which states the frequency of students driving under the influence, portray the message.

BAC Calculation Guide and Resources
This page contains a guide for BAC estimation as well as an illustration of the inverse relationship of drinks per week and grade point average, as shown by Campus Factoid #181.

Alcohol Awareness Week, 1999
This is a schedule of events for Alcohol Awareness Week at Hobart and William Smith. It contains the 'Most Students Make Healthy Choices' slogan.

Local Alcohol and Other Drug Research Resources
A directory of local databases, bibliographies, and general research information is contained on this page. The '2/3=1/4' message is used as a background, while Campus Factoid #143 and a 'Reality Check' poster help convey the message.

Miscellaneous Links to World Wide Web Alcohol and Other Drug Information
This page contains a collection of links to internet sites which could contain useful information on alcohol and other drugs. Campus Factoid #80 states that most seniors drink responsibly, while the background and poster insert supplement the data.

Alcohol and Other Drug Project Presentations
A directory of presentations conducted by the project co-directors is contained here, as well as Campus Factoid #145, which illustrates a fact about drinking and safe sex.

Alcohol and Other Drug Project Poster Campaigns
This page shows the two major poster presentations conducted by the project and contains the '4 or fewer' message along with Campus Factoid #2.

page last modified: 4/19/2008